4 Best Putting Tips to Improve Your Score

4 Best Putting Tips to Improve Your Score

I don’t know what you think about the putters but believe me, it is one of the important parts of golf. But unfortunately, many golfers don’t take it seriously. They spend more time on practicing with Irons and Hybrids rather than other golf clubs. As a result, they lose their score! So you should be careful to practice with the putters. Here are the 4 proven putter tips to improve your game score:

Practice Long and Short Putts

The first thing that you need to consider is to take the matter seriously. Don’t just invest all the time practicing with Irons or other clubs. Before you hit the ball with putter take some time to practice on the green. Practice more with the long putts and short putts. Long putts (10 feet and beyond) can improve your sense of the distances, and short putts (5 feet) can improve your putting abilities. You should give more attention to the short putts than long putts because it will improve your confidence while you are playing a round of golf.

Learn to Read the green

This is another important thing for improving your score. Kneel on the ground and try to get the distances of the hole from the ball. Is the surface even? If not, what is the condition of the surface? Are you able to get where the uneven area of the terrain? I think you get my point. Now try to understand how you need to hit the ball to beat the uneven terrain. There is no alternative of practicing to read the green. So while you are practicing, try to remember your shot, putter’s speed and the movement of the ball. If you the ball is not reaching the hole try to increase some extra pace when you are hitting. If the ball crosses the hole, slow down the speed. That means always try to improve your shot than the previous one. By doing this every day, you will be able to read the green completely. The pro golfers also use the same process to understand the green.

Maintain a putting routine

To do well in putting the ball in the hole, you will need more mental strength. (Read Top 10 Benefits of playing golf) For this, it is a better way to develop and maintain a daily routine. We did an experiment on the “How to improving Mental Strength by playing golf. We found that by preparing and maintaining a daily routine for the putting can help to increase our mental strength. It can also improve our abilities to think and make a decision quickly. Before pushing the ball towards the hole, kneel beside the ball, read the green. You don’t need to worry about the distances this time. Just try to understand the surface as I said above.

Take the action

If you have practiced enough, then now it’s time to take action. Read the green, take the putter on hand and let the ball be in the hole! Don’t just overthink, take action. Let me tell you another trick that will enhance your putting abilities.

Bowl the ball towards the hole by your hand instead of any club, then try to putt the same pace to the ball with the club.

That is a proven tip. Actually, I also do that on the green.

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