I am not the seller, I am reviewer

At first I should tell you guys, I am not the seller of all the goods I mentioned on Bestgolfy, I am the reviewer.

zach donald- bestgolfy owner
Who I am

I am Zach Donald, a golf lover and golf trainer. I just love to play golf. That's why I am doing a service of a golf trainer for a long time.

About Bestgolfy

When you will go to play golf, you'll need a lot of accessories and equipment. But as there are many products from many companies in the market, it gets too difficult for the golfers to pick up the right equipment and accessories for them. So I thought to make a resource about golf accessories to guide the golfers like me. As I have a lot of experience with the golf equipment and doing  a service of golf trainer, I know which equipment is good and which is not.

Need your feedback

I do a lot of research about the golf accessories like best golf rangefinder before I upload it to the site. Although I do a lot of research but I may mistake. So if you feel anything wrong please contact me immediately. And if you think bestgolfy can be made better, please don't hesitate to let me know. I will try my best to update. I want to make bestgolfy a good resource for the golfers so that they don't choose the wrong accessories.