Best Golf Club Set For Beginners In 2019 – Our Full Buying Guide

best golf club sets

Golf clubs make golf even more beautiful, and comfortable. If you are just starting to play golf, you may not be aware that there are many different types of equipment. Don’t worry, this post is specifically written to walk you through different options, sizes, and pricing to help you decide which can be the best golf club set for beginners.


Quick Overview Of The Products We Will Be Taking A Look At:

It is not an easy job to find great golf clubs, particularly when there are a lot of options to choose from. So we made a list of the top 5 golf club sets, mainly based on previous customer experiences, quality, ease of use, and price.


1. Callaway Strata Men’s Golf Club Set (12-Piece)

Precision and accuracy in hitting the ball is what Callaway offers in their well made golf club sets. You’ll feel like a pro even if you are a beginner when you hold this set, thanks to its sophisticated look and quality of materials. What makes it greater is its top notch clubs, each having a balanced weight that will help every golfer make a more powerful shot.

The set comes with 3-Wood, Hybrids, Irons and Wedges, Putter, and Sandbag. This set could be comparable to other brands, and offers good performance which is what any player could ask for.


golf club set for beginners

Features and Specifications

  • The Driver:  The 40 cc driver has a large sweet spot, and easily blasts off the tee.  It has a graphite shaft that works best in distances.  It comes with 2 clubs and 2 headcovers.


  • The 3 Wood: The 3-Wood is very forgiving with a smartly shaped head.  If you want to experience long and flying shots, this club could help you out.


  • The 3 Hybrid:  Works best on difficult long irons, the hybrids allow you to play with confidence in trying out different shots.  It allows you to use your own technique.


  • The Irons: To ensure precision and maintain accuracy, the golf set includes stainless steel iron.  Its weight allows you to control the swing and shot.


  • The Putter and the Stand Bag: The putter is mallet with a T-style alignment.  It provides accuracy in your shot by aligning the ball to the putt.  Along with the putter is the stand bag.  It is made of durable materials and is lightweight.  It has five pockets for any extra gadgets, and an additional pocket for your cooler.  A rain hood is also included that provides an additional protection to your bag when it rains.  The cushioned backpack strap makes it portable and comfortable to carry.
  • Perfect for casual golfers
  • The stand bag is fully functional
  • This set is easy to carry thanks the back pack straps
  • It might not be perfect or suitable for the pro.
  • The driver can be slightly harder than others.


2. Golf Girl Petite Pink Club Set

The Golf Girl Petite Club Set may be what every golfer girl wishes for. Featuring an eleven-piece golf set for women, this set is appreciated mainly because of its ideal length, good performance, and attractive pink colors.

The length of the clubs have a direct correlation with your height, and the Golf Girl Petite Set does just that. This golf set being 1″ shorter than most, is best suited for lady golfers measuring 5’3 or shorter. This is a set of clubs that truly performs as good as it looks. The club lengths along with other special features such as lighter flex graphite shafts make this the perfect golf set for both beginners and experienced players.


Golf Girl Petite Pink Club Set

Features and Specifications

  • The Driver:  This driver features an oversized head with the biggest legally allowed sweet spot, so you never miss your shot. It also comes equipped with a graphite shaft and headcover


  • The 3 Wood: Just like the driver, the wood has oversized heads and sweet spots making them more forgiving.  You get better contact with the ball with every swing, and the sole perfectly glides through the grass helping the ball to get up.


  • The Irons: This set includes 5,6,7,8,9, and PW irons. These are deep cavity back irons with lady flex graphite shafts. You are getting great stainless steel irons that are easy to control and more lightweight.


  • Hybrids:  The hybrids let you work on your long shots on to the green.  It is also known as the rescue club that takes the place of the 3 and 4 irons. The hybrid also comes with its own zippered headcover.


  • Putter: The putter has a blade design that allows you to make a better alignment with the ball, offering more accuracy in every shot.


  • Pink Bag:  The golf bag is easily the most attractive piece of this set. Being girly and pretty, the pink color is truly made to fit any woman’s taste. It’s made out of durable materials, and the exterior pockets allow you to store devices, golf balls and accessories. An additional full length clothing pocket and padded shoulder strap is also included.
  • Lightweight & Petite design
  • Flex graphite shafts
  • Large sweet spots
  • May not be suited for women 5’5 or taller
  • Cart bag does not come with a stand



3. Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Golf Set

Wilson has made a name in the sports industry because of the quality performance that its equipment offers. Wilson’s equipment has been gradually improving over time, and is often the chosen brand by several teams.

The Wilson Mens Ultra is recommended for those looking for a complete set to introduce them to the sport. It features a total of 9 clubs that consist of a driver, fairway wood, a hybrid, Irons 6 to 9, a pitching wedge, and a toe putter. The set also includes 3 head covers and a full sized carry bag with stand.


Wilson Mens Ultra Golf Set

At an accessible price, the Wilson Ultra Golf Set offers high-quality equipment without the high ticket price tag. All clubs have excellent control and offer an easy swing for beginners, thanks to the oversized titanium heads and lightweight material. Also in this set which is not found with other brands, are the Heel/Toe Putter and Pitching Wedge that contribute to achieving a better game.

Features and Specifications

  • The Driver:  This is an oversized 460 cc titanium-made driver that is designed with flex graphite shaft. It is very forgiving and great not just for beginners but also more experienced players.


  • The Irons: These are all made of stainless steel with sweet spots.  Just like the other clubs, they are forgiving.  With this set you get irons 6 through 9.


  • Pitching Wedge:  With enhanced spin technology, the pitching wedge improves performance and playability.


  • Putter:  The putter is a great addition to the set, and will help in aligning the ball and maintain a stable/accurate putting stroke.


  • Carry Bag and Head Covers:  Wilson created a very sleek and portable carry bag for the Ultra model. You can easily use the stands, attach a shoulder strap, or carry it with one hand. The head covers match the color scheme nicely, and are well secured to the clubs.
  • Affordable price
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Stylish and lightweight
  • Driver gets damaged easily
  • No sand wedge in set
  • Only irons 6 to 9 included


4. Callaway Strata Womens Complete Golf Set

With a stylish and modern design, the Callaway Strata for Women is a complete 11-piece set that comes with a driver, a hybrid, two irons, a fairway wood, a putter, a wedge, and a stand bad with 3 headcovers.

This is a set that comes with everything you need to get out there and start playing golf. Unlike other sets out there, this full set offers a combination of distance, performance and forgiving sweet spots where you would usually have difficulty on.

This item features shafts that are less stiffer, which is especially designed for the ladies. The length of the clubs is perfect for women who measure between 5’1 and 5’11. If you are taller than 6’1, this set might not be the right size for you, and you might find the clubs a bit uncomfortable.


callaway womens strata

Features and Specifications

  • The Driver:  The driver features a large sweet spot for more accurate shots, and a very lightweight graphite shaft that aides in much faster swing speeds. The headcover for the driver is also included.


  • The Hybrid: The hybrid is a well made club that is the perfect alternative for those long and difficult irons. Hitting your shots with the hybrid will allow you to have more confidence in a variety of shots, and more versatility.


  • The Irons: Irons feature perimeter weighting and a progressive sole width technology that offers more improved control. These perimeter weighter irons offer both forgiveness and more accuracy.


  • Stand Bag: You will find that the stand bag is much more lightweight than other models, and offers the convenience of having 5 pockets, 1 cooler pocket, a rain hood, and durable backpack straps.
  • Affordable price
  • Good-looking
  • Backpack straps and headcovers
  • Stylish and Lightweight
  • Golf set may be uncomfortable for taller women
  • The set only includes 7 clubs


5. Pinemeadow PRE Men’s 16 Piece Set

One thing that lets every player gets hooked on golf is the enjoyment of the game. With great and comfortable equipment, one could be enjoying the game even more. This is what Pinemeadow aims for with the manufacturing of their 16 piece set.

The Pinemeadow PRE Set features a 16-piece set of clubs that include: A driver, 3-wood, 3-hybrid, irons 4 to 9 & PW, pitching wedge, putter, stand bag, and three head covers. This set is made to fill every gap, and has everything you need to start playing.


Pinemeadow PRE Mens Set

Features and Specifications

  • The Driver: This is a titanium enhanced driver with a 10.5 degree loft angle for maximum power and distance. It is designed with a controlled launch graphite shaft, and includes a custom head cover.


  • 3-Wood: The 3 fairway wood comes with a low profile head design and 15 degree angle.  It helps you make make better shots from the fairway and rough.  Just like the driver, it comes with a graphite shaft.


  • Hybrid: Weighting heavier than the 3-wood and driver, the 3 hybrid has a premium steel shaft, and a 21-degree loft angle to assist in a more improved play.


  • Irons: This set comes with 4-9 and PW irons made of stainless shafts and metal heads that are ideally used along balls with fewer than 200 yards. The extra weight helps you control and lock down your shot.


  • The Putter: Giving you confidence in your shot, the Pre Mallet putter also has additional weight for a more improved response and feel.
  • Quality made golf clubs
  • Dual strap carry bag with kick stand
  • Great entry level price
  • Bag straps easily break after use
  • 3 hybrid may weaker than expected


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What Is A Golf Club?

In simple terms, it is a club that specifically designed to hit a golf ball at high speeds and long distances. Each golf club consists of three parts: grip, shape, and head. These three parts are what makes a club perfect. Without any of these three, the golf club cannot be completed.


Construction of a golf club


The grip is the part where you will hold the club with both hands. There is a smooth and soft material in the grip section that gives you the maximum comfort. The shaft section is to give the support to other sections. It also plays a vital role in hitting that perfect shot. The most important and crucial part of a golf club is its head section. The accuracy of a shot mostly depends on the construction of the head, though the other parts help too.


Best golf clubDifferent type of golf clubs


There are different types of golf clubs on the market. Every manufacturing company makes a wide variety of clubs, each with their own special feature in order to distinguish themselves from other manufacturers. In the sport of golf, you will find 5 main types of golf clubs which are: Wood, Iron, Wedge, Hybrid and Putter types. But nowadays there are more additions to the list, such as the chipper.

Wood/Metal Golf Clubs

Club Header made of wood
Club Header made of metal


This kind of club is used to hit the ball a longer distance. It has a longer shaft, and the head of this club is more rounded than others. Initially, the head of this club was made out of hardwood. But recently manufacturers have transitioned to using more lightweight metals like titanium, or carbon fiber.

Iron Sets

irons club


Iron clubs are used to drive the golf ball towards to the hole. These are type of clubs used for taking shots that are less than 200 yards from the green. It does not have as long of a shaft or as large a  head as wood clubs. The iron club is numbered differently than the wood type. It is numbered 1-9, with 9 having the highest level of loft. Irons are some of the more popular clubs, and most professional golfers usually keep 3 or 4 irons (between 7 and 11) in their bag, as USGA allows a bag to contain up to 14 clubs.

Wedge Set

wedge club

These types of clubs have a higher loft than the numbered iron type. Wedges are designed in a way so that golfers can shoot air shots.  There are five types of wedges available which are: The pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge, lob wedge, and ultra lob wedge. Most of the professionals prefer the pitching wedge, and usually the only type of wedge that you will find in a club set.

Hybrid Clubs

hybrid club


Hybrid club is a combination of wood and iron. Hybrids have a launch distance like wood, and swing ability like irons. The header of this kind of club is similar to a wood type. They also have the similar loft and length like irons. Some golfers replace their iron clubs with the hybrid to have a better long distance with ease.




The putter is a club that is used to play shots in a short distance. It is just used to drive a golf ball to the nearby hole. It usually has a loft that doesn’t exceed 10 degrees. The grip of this kind of club may not be perfectly round.


Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Golf Club


Beginner Or Advanced Player?

The first thing you should discover is who you are. It is very important to measure your skill, so at first test yourself. Are you a beginner, or expert? Or maybe you are an intermediate player. Intermediate players are those who have some experience in playing golf, but do not golf like a pro. That means they are the mid-level player, not the beginner or expert. Once you know your skill, you will be able to after a golf club set that matches your playing style.


Your Golf Set Requirements

There are five type of golf clubs, as mentioned earlier. So you need to decide what kind of club, and how many clubs you need. The standard format of the clubs is to have a set of three types of wood, eight irons, and a putter. But that does not mean it is the perfect set of clubs for you as well. You must decide if this kind of setup will meet your needs.

Analyzing Shaft Flex Codes

Before making your purchase, you should test the grip, shaft, and head very well. The perfection of a club depends on the construction of these parts. You should check the grip to see if it is convenient enough to hold. And while you are checking the shaft of a club, inspect the following shaft flex codes: “A”, “A or M”, “S”, “R”, “X”.

“L” is for “Ladies Flex”
“A” or M” is for “Senior Flex”
“S” stands for “Stiff Flex”
“R” for “Regular Flex”
“X” means “Extra Stiff Flex”


Should You Buy New Or Used?

This may be tough to decide when you are planning to purchase a golf club or a set of golf clubs. There are some advantages and disadvantages both for new and old clubs. The benefit of the used club is that they are cheaper, and there is a scope of bargaining with the seller. If your clubs are damaged somehow, you do not need to panic as you can get another one for a lower price. So, if you are new to golf and do not play every day, second-hand clubs may be the option for you. If you are planning to play with the clubs for a long time, then consider buying a brand new set.


What’s Your Budget?

Budget is another confusing thing. You have to set a budget when you are going to buy anything, not only clubs. As with other golf equipment, the price of golf clubs is high. So, if you are going to take the game up as a profession, then you should buy the most durable, sustainable clubs. But golf can be an expensive sport, so set your maximum price and stick to it.