Confidence Junior Golf Club Set with Stand Bag review

If you contain a kid that loves golf, it is time you got the kid started on having an amazing time outdoors with such finest start gold clubs. Confidence Junior Golf Club Set is made with the design of having a kid utilizing the clubs on a normal basis. It contains a lofted hybrid iron that assists in generating appropriate flight and also a superior trajectory. Within no time, your kid will be capable of working on his finesse and aspiring. There are 2 sizes of the set: one is for kids from 4-7 years and the further for kids from 8-12 years, which are suitable for you to prefer the appropriate one for the kids. Numerous parents said that their kids felt that they had grown up and developed a lot when carrying this bag. 

At a Glance
  • Comprises driver or fairway 3 wood with additional loft for easy hitting
  • The low middle of gravity on the iron builds it simple to play golf
  • Approaches with a white ball putter; 32 inches
  • 7 and 9 irons with soft wrap grips graphite shafts, forgiving sweet spots
  • 4 exterior pockets, Four-way divider, and Velcro glove tab and rain hood on bag
  • Deluxe junior stand bag with dual shoulder strap
  • Obtainable in left or right- handed orientation
  • Backpack strap method
  • Obtainable in different sizes based on the age of your child

Features of Confidence Junior Golf Club Set with Stand Bag


This set contains four clubs, wood, two irons, and a putter and all are fine made. The iron also contains a low heart of gravity that should basically make playing golf for the child to be fun. The bag is strong with double shoulder strap, clubs are enclosed well, and light adequate for the kids to bear it with the back straps by themselves. Furthermore, the set is tough which can go after your kids for a lot of years

Design and Weights

The Confidence Junior Golf Club Set with Stand Bag is also a fascinating starter golf set for a child. The set is very fine priced and can be bought in right or left version.  It contains hybrids, irons and fairway woods in addition to a putter which enlarges the level of exactness with which your kid plays. All the golfing gear fits effortlessly in a stand bag which is an element of the set. The complete set can then be carried around effortlessly because the stand bag can be converted into a rucksack using the strap method.

Hand Orientation: Right Hand
Weight: 8.5 pounds

  • This set is precise to a variety of age ranges so you can modify it accordingly.
  • This bag can remain standing on its individual because it has a stand.
  • These clubs are completed to be tough to last for several seasons without replacing them
  • They are completed with the great height of any young golf player
  • The set is a bit low on toughness.
  • They are not inexpensive even if when meant for the junior players

Whom is this product for

The junior golfers who are looking for a Junior Golf Club Set with Stand Bag with a low budget and great recital, Confidence Junior Golf Club Set with Stand Bag are for them. It is also very trendy one.

Things to consider before buy

Please ensure these things earlier than buy the Junior Golf Club Set with Stand Bag from the marketplace:

  1. From where are you getting
  2. What are the purchasers saying about it?

What the customers are saying

The purchasers of Junior Golf Club Set with Stand Bag has given a lot of optimistic review about this bag on diverse marketplaces, but, there is some pessimistic feedback too. But they are not so fundamental.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this set have a driver?
How long are the 8-12 clubs?
What height should the child be to use these clubs?


Confidence junior golf bag with the additional necessary golf item is a perfect golf set should be selected for your rising champions. The two package contains the items accurately wanted for that age limit. The bag is sturdy, not delicate at all and made of superior material. Both the clubs and the bag are of a tremendous quality, and this set is very sensibly priced. All the parents bought it for their child or grandchild are actually happy and replied enormous positive response. The set is very appealing due to its price as well. 

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