Garmin Approach S6 Golf GPS Watch Review

Garmin Approach S6 golf gps watch review

Gadgets are not just for entertainment, business, education, but you know what, Sports also have helpful gadgets to improve their performance. Say, for example, the Golf Rangefinder helps you determine the distance between your post and your target, giving you guide to any strategy that you’ll make.

Did you know?

There are also affordable watches that also help you with your game in Golf? Yes! The GPS watch device. Garmin has been very clever in designing the Garmin Approach S6, Light. And lots of models out there to choose from. If you’re planning to own one, this article is for you.

Welcome to this Garmin Approach S6 Review! In this article, we will be exploring the features of this GPS watch and let’s get to know how this would assist you in your Golf Journey.

Let’s begin?

At a Glance
  • Touch Screen Color Display
  • High Resolution LCD
  • Precise distances for 38,000 international courses
  • Pin Pointer
  • Smartphone Notifications
  • Stylish Everyday Watch

Features of the Garmin Approach S6 Golf GPS Watch


What I exactly like of this GPS watch aside from its great specs is the design.  If you are going to wear this Golf band, it’s not irritating to your hand.  With its rubber strap, you can feel that it’s just like an ordinary wristwatch.

If you’re going to take the watch from its box, you will notice how light it is, weighing just only 47 grams.  With a diameter of 2.5 cm, it looks great to your wrist

Course View Full-Color Map

This Golf Watch features full-color course views for 38, 000 international courses.  With its dedicated CourseView button, you instantly get to your second shot quickly.

Simple Operation and Precise Result

The Garmin Approach 6 is capable of displaying the result in yardages wherever you are on the golf course of the course on a high-resolution screen.  Though it is a touch screen, you won’t get trouble operating it even with gloves.

The button lets you manually position pins as well as getting distances to doglegs and layups.  You can easily customize your yardage points too by marking traps and hazards.  Digital scorecards used for Stoke play and Stableford is also provided in the device.

Smart Phone Notification

While having a good time with your game, you won’t miss text messages, emails, and all alerts from your mobile phones which are usually kept inside the bag.  It’s as if that S6 is a great extension of your mobile phone even if you’re in a middle of the game.

Swing Metrics

Here’s what? This gadget features SwingTempo and TempoTraining where you can practice your swing with swing metrics.  With SwingTempo, you can measure the relationship between upswing and downswing which is expressed in a ratio.  The ideal ratio of the golf swing is 3:1. The TempoTraining uses the 3:1 ratio and provides you with audible tone synchronizing your swing mechanics and fine-tune swing tempo.  Definitely, a bonus to improve your swing!

Longer Life Battery

To let you play more rounds, the Approach S6 features more battery life. Approximately, you can use the GPS watch up to 10 hours. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery, a friendly and durable one. The watch comes with a USB charging holder that clicks into place on the back of the watch.

Easy to Update

I’m sure you’d be happy to know that this gadget is very much easy to update.  Using a computer, you can update your device and upload scores to the Garmin Express website where you can manage your account online.

  • Lightweight and not irritating on the wrist.
  • Easy to sync and update
  • Helps you to improve your golf swing through Swing Metrics
  • Sends notification from your phone
  • Stylish
  • Easy to use and operate
  • The beep of the tempo is not that loud to be heard.
  • Some of the course that can be downloaded are not up to date

Whom is this product for

This is a great help for people who are into golf.  And there’s a bonus! This is best to those who are still struggling with their Golf Swing.

Things to consider before buying

If you are planning to buy something especially electronics, you should be wise enough to pick the best item.  Remember the following points when you plan to buy the Garmin Approach S6:

  • Buy only the items from legitimate sellers.
  • If you’re planning to purchase it online, be sure that the store has reviews just like Amazon, etc.
  • Always take note of the warranty.

What the customers are saying

Many are saying that they are satisfied with the product, however, there are lots of things that this item has to improve just like its battery life and its updating of the course situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you choose what notification it would send from your phone?
Unfortunately, not. All notifications from your phone are sent to your S6.

Can you use the watch for other activities?
No. The device is only designed for Golf.

Is the strap hypoallergenic?
The strap is made of rubber. If you’re allergic to rubber, you can just ask other users who already have worn the watch.

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