How To Use A Rangefinder While You Are Fishing

We use rangefinders in many fields like golf, hunting, etc. We also use rangefinders in the deep jungle. Soldiers use rangefinders to find out the distance of the enemies. In this article, I am going to show you how you can use a rangefinder while you are fishing in the river or lake with a kayak.

How To Use A Rangefinder While You Are Fishing

Why we need a rangefinder in fishing

Fishing with a kayak has now become a very adventurous sport. Personally, I love to go fishing on my holidays. I have a pond in Doney Park (my hometown). I usually go there when I am free. It is real-time game. Locate the fish and BOOM! You may be successful in fishing without a rangefinder, or other advanced tools, in a smaller area like a small pond. But, you will need some advanced tools when you are a master at fishing or trying to fish in a big lake. Among them, the rangefinder is one of the most important tools you will need.

Actually, the success of fishing requires more math and physics than luck. You need to calculate the distance between you and the fish. Here, you need a rangefinder. A rangefinder can help you to have an idea about the distance between the fish and you (from the kayak). Then you can easily catch the fish from your kayak.

How does the rangefinder works and help in fishing

The operation of a rangefinder is so simple. There is only two functioned rangefinder. One is a laser beam, and another one is  GPS based. But in fishing, the laser rangefinder has been used mostly. The laser rangefinder uses a laser beam to measure the distance. After clicking the operation button, it emits a laser that goes to the target and comes back again to the source. This device calculates the total time that has been needed to come back the laser from the target. Then it shows the finalized data on the screen.

How you can use them while fishing

When you are on a moving kayak and trying to get the exact location of fish, it gets increasingly difficult for you to track the fish while moving, since both you and the fish are moving. Here you will need an either a rangefinder, or two alien eyes (LOL).

You need a rangefinder to know the location of the fish. That will make your fishing more efficient, and enjoyable. You will be able to know where the fish are, and hit. Here are some steps to getting a better result quickly from a rangefinder:

  • Try from a closer area: If you see fish playing around the lake, try to get their location from as close an area as possible.
  • Try a different angle: Do not just hold the rangefinder from one angle. Try to measure the distances from various angles, this will help you to find some even bigger fish and target them more easily.
  • Magnify: Magnification is a great feature of rangefinders. It helps you to look at the target more closely. So when you are aiming at any target, try to magnify the view. You will find it beneficial when you are targeting fish in the middle of the lake or pond.

Rangefinders can be used in so many sectors. The professionals, or the experts, can do a lot of tasks with a rangefinder since they have a lot of features. Newbies can find rangefinders difficult to master, but with a little practice, your fishing game will thank you!

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