Nike Air Sport III Stand Bag Review

Nike Air Sport III Stand Bag Review

Nike Air Sport III Stand Bag comes in the first place if you are a Nike fan like me. The bag is an easy, go-to option, and carries well. Of course, it fits nicely into a cart while at the same time carrying all your goods. Also, Nike Air Sport III Stand Bag comes with the coolest set of straps that you’ll find available today.

At a Glance
  • 8.5-inch oval top
  • 8-way, 3 full-length divider system
  • 9 functional pockets system (6 zippered)
  • Water-resistant fleece-lined pocket
  • Insulated cooler pocket
  • Quick access drawstring pocket
  • Full-length apparel pocket
  • Scorecard/pencil pocket
  • Integrated GPS loop, pen sleeve and glove patch
  • Matching rain hood included

Features of Nike Air Sport III Stand Bag

Nike Air Sport III Stand Bag uses an equal Max Air Curved revolving doub

le strap system. As a result, it can distribute the weight of the bag equally across your upper back and shoulders. Further, the new air cushion technology offers more power and less fatigue for the end of round golf shots. At the same time, the bag comes with a ventilated cut air mesh back pad. For this reason, it provides a resting point while you are physically carrying this bag.

Pockets and Rain Hood Addition

Total, there are nine functional pockets, and six of them are zippered with this Nike Air Sport III Stand Bag. It includes an insulated cooler pocket, there is a scorecard pocket, a water resistant pocket for valuables, and an apparel pocket. There is even a matching rain hood that comes with it. If you are playing under rainy conditions, the rain hood will help keep your gear safe from water.


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Design and Weights

Though the opening is not as big as other bags, it is large enough to access all of your clubs quickly and easily. The bag features an eight-way, and three lengths, full divider system. Consequently, you can organize your clubs however you like. In addition, the bag has a glove patch, pen sleeve, and a GPS loop. This storage helps you to carry anything and everything that you need. Regarding this, you’ll never feel the need to have any additional storage for small things.

  • The storage space and pockets are sufficient and allow you to not leave anything behind while going to the course.
  • The bag will not let you drink a warm beverage as it has an insulated pocket to keep your drink cool.
  • The bag is made of high-quality materials, thus it is durable enough to withstand years of use.
  • the fold legs work well, and are very firm.
  • Some golfers might not like this because of the thicker hip pad.
  • If you need lots of dividers for the clubs inside the bag, this one might prove wrong for you.

Whom is this product for

Whoever likes Nike shoes, t-shirts and different types of sporting gear will enjoy the Nike Air Sport III Stand Bag. Nevertheless, the bag will not disappoint you since it already goes beyond most people’s expectations. So if you consider yourself an athlete, you must try this Nike golf bag. For details, you can check the full Nike Air Sport III Stand Bag.

Things to consider before buy

You should know about the quality of the product you are going to buy prior to purchasing. A product may have amazing features, but they may not be the exact features that you need. This is necessary before placing an order.  Know about the services the product is offering you. For that, you can read the previous customers reviews on the Nike Air Sport III Stand Bag.

While this product is available on a wide variety of websites and stores, there are numerous benefits to buying your product off of Amazon.  Amazon offers its customers a money-back guarantee, so if you are dissatisfied for any reason, you may receive a full refund.  Also, Amazon offers free shipping, as well as extra discounts throughout the year.

What the customers are saying

Shortly after its release, this Nike Air Sport III Stand Bag got almost 82% from customers responses. Most of the reviews found using this stand bag to be a positive experience. After analyzing the reviews from real customers, I found most of them gave five stars after being satisfied with their product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this bag use on a cart as well?
Yes, very user-friendly for carrying, pull carts and driving carts.
How many pockets are in the bag for the golf clubs?
Total 8 pockets with 2 full-length dividers for club organization and protection.
How much does this bag weigh?
The Nike site says it is less than 4 lbs.


For the true Nike lover, the Nike Air Sport III Stand Bag will perfectly suit them. All the impressive features like the rain hood, 8.5 inches oval top, integrated storage, and the patch for quickly attaching your glove will surely meet your needs. In a few words, the quick access drawstring pocket shows that it is top of the line.

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