OGIO Grom Stand Bag Review

OGIO Grom Stand Bag Review

OGIO Grom Stand Bag comes in first place when you think of a bag with exceptional design and new ideas. This product has earned a lot of positive attention from customers. Being a nice golf bag, it not only has good design but is also made of very high-quality materials. In addition, the manufacturer of OGIO always tries to think out of the box.   They have succeeded in that with this bag.

At a Glance
  • Zipperless Ball Pocket
  • Load equalizing SHOXX X4 full suspension
  • 14-WAY Diamond Performance Stand top
  • Oversized Putter Pit
  • Total Eight Pockets With Four Zippered Pockets.

Features of OGIO Grom Stand Bag

This OGIO Grom stand bag has some of the coolest features of any bag I have ever owned. Here I tried to gather them all together after analyzing both the positive and negative features of this golf bag.


One of the best-looking carry or stand bags is the OGIO stand bag. Anyone can appreciate the lines, and eye-catching structure of the bag’s first glance. A user said when he went to play golf with it, on the first day, some of his friends noticed it.  The exceptional design and pleasing color drew their attention. The great features sold them. A few classes later, two of his close buddies had bought the same bag in a different color. The next day, they were proudly showing off their new OGIO and were making others jealous.


Golf bags can often look like a pair of cargo pants. You often find that they have pockets everywhere, but are not organized, or able to be used comfortably. OGIO Grom stand bag has solved that problem. The bag is designed to be functional and comfortable, so that you can keep your equipment and valuable stuff in the right place. Therefore, it has total eight pockets, among them four are zippered.
A particularly great addition to this OGIO stand bag is that valuable zippered pocket. This pocket is an excellent value because nobody wants all of their things banging around inside one large pocket. You can use this dedicated pocket to keep your keys, watch, and wallet together so you do not have to carry these things, or have them cluttering up your pants pockets in off periods of golf class.

Durable Built

Not surprisingly, OGIO Grom stand bag has the ability to organize your clubs and keep your stuff from damaging each other. In addition to this, the manufacturer uses a “diamond technology” making this golf bag even more durable. This allows the bag to not slip, or fall over, when engaged in a standing position.
With this in mind, OGIO pays attention to providing an oversized putter pit. Another important addition is the pocket that utilizes a zipperless closing technology to keep golf balls together. This bag also has an ingenious load equalizing system called “SHOXX X4 Full Suspension”. As a result, the system helps keep your golf clubs safe from damage.


Dimension: 43.3 x 13.8 x 13.8 inches.
Weight: 6.4 pounds.

  • Its shoulder straps are very comfortable.
  • Big pockets, good handles, good straps.
  • Its ergonomic design ensures during golf course you back doesn’t hurt from carrying it.
  • Keep all your clubs well organized with the 14 individual full-length dividers.
  • Analyzing all the customer’s reviews there found no practical drawback of it.

Whom is this product for

OGIO Grom stand bag will suit any player who is searching for a golf bag with a great performance on a low budget.

Things to consider before buy

In a few words, the features you find in OGIO Grom stand bag are quite similar to the most high-end golf cart bags. So without delay, you should order this beautiful golf bag online, or buy from your near super shop if available.

What the customers are saying

In a short time, OGIO Grom stand bag has gotten a lot of positive customer reviews. So far, many real users are talking about the best features, and appreciate the wonderful design of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a backpack strap or is it just a sling strap?

Backpack strap with great extra padding and elastic shock system.

Is there an insulated pocket?
Yes, there is an insulated pouch that fits a Gatorade bottle as well as an insulated pocket.


When buying the best product, you often have to spend a little more money. In this case, OGIO Grom Stand Bag has considered the user’s needs and is now offering this golf bag at an affordable price. OGIO stand bag is very comfortable to use and allows you keep all your clubs in an organized way. Therefore, according to most of the users, you must try once if you are a beginner, or even more advanced, in the golf world.

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