RJ Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag Review

RJ Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag Review

RJ Sports Typhoon mini stand bag is considered the most popular golf bag on the market today. In addition to professionals, the stand bag attracts most of the casual golfers due to its ability to be carried, and lightness of weight. Further, RJ sports stand bags are larger than pencil bags. Thus, these bags offer more features that are useful to the player on the golf course. Its structure allows it to sit safely on your side during a round.

At a Glance
  • 8.5-inch oval top
  • 8-way, 3 full-length divider system
  • 9 functional pockets system (6 zippered)
  • Water-resistant fleece-lined pocket
  • Insulated cooler pocket
  • Quick access drawstring pocket
  • Full-length apparel pocket
  • Scorecard/pencil pocket
  • Integrated GPS loop, pen sleeve and glove patch
  • Matching rain hood included

Features of RJ Sports Typhoon mini stand bag

One of the best stand bags on the market is the RJ Sports Typhoon mini stand bag. This bag has been created with some of the best materials. At the bottom of the bag, the materials used provide a contact area with the maximum platform, and strong support. The exoskeleton design of this bag is amazing. The overall design and color will attract any golf lovers who appreciate bags that are both trendy and functional.

Design and Ease of Use

In this case, where the bag really cuts the mustard is with its extra features, Which include a glove, or towel attachment. The Typhoon mini has a 5-way divider top. To be honest, it will fit on your shoulders just like a glove. Plus, its 5 easy access pockets will let you store your valuable stuff such as keys, water bottle, etc. with ease. Furthermore, the tee holders, rain hood, and 5-way full-length dividers are hidden deceptively well. As a result, it will offer you a plenty of storage space. Moreover, the bag stands steadily while it is upright as it does the same when the stand extends.


Compared with other models, RJ Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag review is literally a lightweight golf bag. Nevertheless, it is very sturdy and quite useful. In fact, the sub storage compartments are actually large and convenient.

  • It will take care of every single need of yours, even the ones you did not think you to have. The versatility will impress you once you start using this.
  • Its dual harness strap is very comfortable.
  • Includes a rain hoodie which obviously proves as essential in rainy weather.
  • The shoulder pads of it can keep any sweat at bay.
  • Nicely made stand bag for less than $60.
  • In spite of using good materials, at 5 pounds, it would be marginally on the heavier side .
  • You might face a little bit of hassle to fit it on properly.

Whom is this product for

This is for those who like to keep their bag from getting the dirty, and appreciate the easy removal of clubs from the dividers. This bag is just that. So, if you are looking for a stand bag for your everyday golf class, RJ Sports Typhoon mini stand bag will be a great addition to your collection.

Things to consider before buy

Before placing an order try to know about what are the previous consumers are saying about this product, how will you get the benefit, and where to buy this product. You will get a great deal if you purchase it through Amazon. Amazon offers a quality guarantee, as well as free shipping. Otherwise, there are also many online websites through you can order this RJ Sports Typhoon mini stand bag through.

What the customers are saying

Customers have already started talking about this RJ Sports Typhoon mini stand bag in the reviews. When you decide to purchase a product, you should learn first about what the features are that you are going to receive from this product. Know about the real customers’ opinions since they have already been using this product. Seeing that almost all the users provide five stars to this well performing RJ sports stand bag are a good sign.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the bag have a place for tees on the bag?
Yes. A zippered pocket.
Does this bag have a beverage bottle pocket?
According to the manufacturer’s information, it has, but it seems like it doesn’t.
How much does it weigh?
It is very lightweight. Without clubs, bag itself 2-4 pounds.

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