Bestgolfy Golf Scholarship

Bestgolfy Sholarship is trying to add value for the golfers. We are constantly trying to share valuable tips on our site. Apart from these, we realize that there are some other duties we have. For this, we are happily here to announce our first Scholarship Program. Our budget is not so big as we are in our very first month. We are unable to provide an enormous amount for the scholarship. But we are planning to increase the amount perhaps in our next Scholarship Program. We will be happy if we can help even one student.


We are giving one time $1000 Scholarship to one student. Actually, our motive behind the program is to encourage your contribution towards the golf community. Deadline: 01 December 2017 and Result will publish on 31 December 2017

Interested students must meet these criteria:

  1. Students must be 15 years or older.
  2. Must be a Canadian/American citizen or hold a valid student visa.
  3. Winning participants will be required to submit a photo for promotional purposes.

Topics to write:

Any useful tips or instruction to improve golf skill, e.g., 10 ways to improve your swing skill or some articles like we made:

  1. Best Golf GPS Watch Reviews 2017
  2. Best Golf Bags Reviews 2017

How to Apply:

  1. Write an essay (min 500 words) about the topic mentioned above with researched materials.
  2. Give a nice title to it.
  3. Give your name (must be same as NID or Visa)
  4. Mention "Golf Scholarship Essay 2017" as the subject.
  5. Send your article with a title to  [email protected]

Do not do:

  1. Do not use PLAGIARIZED article.
  2. Do not use a FAKE identity.


Please note that by submitting your article, you agree that will be the owner of these articles and can reuse/rewrite them. If you still have any question, please feel free to contact us.