Wildgame Innovations Halo XRT Laser Rangefinder (Hunting / Golf Rangefinder)

Wildgame Innovations Halo XRT Laser Rangefinder is another good one from the Wildgame Innovations. It was designed for the hunter. But it can be a good choice for the golf too. Especially it is a very good laser rangefinder for the money. That means it is perfect for the peoples who don't have a huge budget for the rangefinder. Like the people who don't want to be a professional golfer usually, don't want to spend thousand for a rangefinder. In that case, I have to tell you that none other rangefinders are better than the Wildgame Innovations Halo XRT Laser Rangefinder. The reason behind my comment is that the rangefinder comes from a well-renowned company like Wildgame Innovation.

At the very first time when I discovered the rangefinder with a very low price and marketed by a famous brand, I was surprised. Then I thought, to keep it at such low price they must need to sacrifice some features or may be durability (!). To be sure about that, I bought a copy and tested it. Keep reading to see what was the result. 

At a Glance
  • Measures 500 yards
  • 6x magnification
  • +/- 1 yard accuracy
  • Waterproof Construction
  • CR2 Lithium Ion battery 
  • Scan mode allows for constant ranging


Features of Wildgame Innovations Halo XRT Laser Rangefinder



Accuracy is the main thing of a rangefinder. Although it is listed above that it can measure up to 500 yards, when I tested it, I found that it can measure up to 300 yards with the perfect accuracy. It can magnify up to six times. It also has a precision of +/- 1 yard. 


Waterproof Construction

Wildgame Innovations Halo XRT Laser Rangefinder is waterproof. So you don't need to be afraid of water when you are operating the rangefinder. Even you don't need to be worried about the rain. So take the rangefinder and go out without the fear of water.

Easy to Use

This rangefinder is really very easy to use. You just need to adjust the focus by rotating the ocular of the rangefinder. In a word, you can control, operate all functions with buttons. But the another fact is that the rangefinder needs your two hands to control it properly. So it may create any problem when you are hunting


Wildgame Innovations Halo XRT Laser Rangefinder has a very sensitive Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). Everyone needs to have a good display on a rangefinder to see the reading correctly. Otherwise, there can be a mistake to get the actual distance of the targets. Many rangefinders (with a low price like this) don't offer a good display. But I was just wondered when I discovered that Wildgame Innovations Halo XRT Laser Rangefinder is offering an LCD (display) for its user! 

Weight and Dimension

Although it is not the lightest rangefinders I have used so far, yes it is still a lightweight device to carry. It is just under 11 ounces.

Dimensions: (L x W x H): 5.00 x 4.00 x 2.50 Inches

Body Structure and  Design

Wildgame Innovations Halo XRT Laser Rangefinder comes with a compact design that helps to operate the rangefinder easily. Also, it helps you to hold it more comfortably with hands. There is a non-slip rubber grip panel, and it will help you to handle the rangefinder even in rainy seasons. I can assure you about the quality of the material though it is a cheap device.

  • Accurate Reading
  • Very Affordable Price
  • Very Simple Operation
  • Very Quick Operation
  • Anti-fog Coating
  • It is Waterproof
  • Clear LCD Display
  • Very Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Used CR2 Betteries Are Not Available Everywhere
  • No Slope Measurements

Whom is this product for

Wildgame Innovations Halo XRT Laser Rangefinder is a great kind of rangefinder with a very affordable price. You can use it for both in the golf courses and in hunting. As it was designed especially for the hunters, they will get the best benefit of it. But the golfers who have a very low budget can also use that device too. 

Things to consider before buy 

Please check these things before buy the Wildgame Innovations Halo XRT Laser Rangefinder from the market:

  1. From where are you buying
  2. Is the box sealed

For further information, please read Wildgame Innovations Halo XRT Laser Rangefinder review again.

What the customers are saying

As I said at the beginning of my article, I was surprised to see the price of the Wildgame Innovations Halo XRT Laser Rangefinder; I researched about it. I saw a lot of related blogs and forums for the real review of that rangefinder. Everyone was giving positive reviews about that device. Then I bought it to test myself. But at the end, I had to agree to them. Yes, that is an amazing rangefinder both for hunting and playing golf.

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